How to calculate age from a date of birth in Excel

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How to calculate age from a date of birth in Excel

There are many calculations that can be done in Excel and some of them involve working with dates. Excel sees all dates as numbers and when you subtract one date from another the result will be a number.

Here are two methods of calculating age from a date of birth in Excel: a formula method using three cells, and the DATEDIF function.

1 How to calculate age using a formula.

To calculate your age from your date of birth in Excel requires using three cells.

In the first cell, let's say A1, type the following formula:

=TODAY() press enter

In cell A2, enter your birth date e.g. 12/03/1982

In cell A3, type the following formula:

=(A1-A2)/365.25 press enter

Doing this will calculate your age as required. The result usually contains a lot of decimal places and to reduce these you can create the formula as follows:


Combining functions in formulas provides a dynamic way of manipulating data and is commonly used to some quite complex calculations.

2 How to calculate age from a date of birth using the DATEDIF function

Another way to calculate age is with the DATEDIF function.
=DATEDIF(Date1, Date2, Interval)

where Date1 is the birthdate, Date2 is today's date and Interval is the interval type ("y" for years "m" for months and "ym" for months in the same year).

This formula displays age in years for a date in cell A1:

This formula displays age in years and months:
=DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"y")&" years "&DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"ym")& " months"

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