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Customer Service Excellence | Case Study

Case Study

Learning solution:
Sales & Customer Service Training


Company Profile

The ‘professional membership body for physicians’, our client has over 32,000 members and fellows across the globe. They seek to support physicians in all stages of their careers, to promote good health and prevent ill health, in the UK and across the world.

Business Requirement

With membership predicted at over 40 000 in 2020, our client sought to improve their member experience. With the motto ‘Membership engagement through customer service’,
their vision is for members to feel valued and have individually tailored services. A core way our client planned to achieve this is through company wide Customer Service training so that ‘every department, officer and member of staff takes responsibility for member engagement’.


The client chose STL as a training company they could work in partnership with.
The course content was designed using a collaborative approach: consultative meetings were set up between the STL development team and client stakeholders. The STL team gained a full understanding of the particularities of the requirement through reviewing content, the client's priorities and answering questions and concerns. A pilot session was developed and offered to a sample group of participants selected by the client.
From this pilot session a bespoke course was created; in collaboration with key stakeholders, feedback was reviewed and activities and materials were further developed to refine the content and to confirm that it supported wider client initiatives, including their internal communication strategy.

STL participated in joint social media activity with our client to raise awareness within their company about this training opportunity.

Final delivery of this project comprised 17 days of training with two sessions per day, delivered across the organisation at all levels and for all roles.

Feedback and reaction was gathered in session and also by follow up survey to further refine delivery throughout the roll-out and delegates' suggestions and ideas were relayed back to client for inclusion in wider customer service projects.

Post-course, STL created a bespoke web tool to offer continual support for key learning points from the training.


'Excellent – valuable and applicable to our work.'

'All encompassing and thorough – an in-depth review of how to deal with all situations.'

'The best in house training @ (the client site) ever!'

'Innovative and thought provoking.'

'Should be mandatory training with annual refreshers for staff. This was an exceptionally well delivered training programme.'

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STL is a company we value for their knowledgeable and skilled trainers as well as the breadth of solutions offered and willingness to support our business in the best possible way whilst achieving great value for money but without compromising on quality.


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