Office 365 Roll Out

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Microsoft Office

Media/PR/Advertising/Market research

Company Profile

Primesight is one of the UK's largest suppliers of out of home (OOH) advertising with offices in London, Manchester and Glasgow.

Business Requirement

Primesight sought to improve collaboration within the business and their staff of 150. Having upgraded to Office 365 they found that staff were unfamiliar with how to use it and instead of being aided by timesaving software they were encumbered by it. Primesight selected STL as a trusted provider to not only train and upskill their staff, but get them onboard with using Office 365 and increase efficiency.


Care was taken to identify the clients training requirements and a tailored presentation style training was designed to meet the specific needs of the staff. A full one-day training was cut down to two compact 2 hour sessions a day, for groups of up to 20, to meet the needs of the large number of busy staff committed to their projects.
The sessions focused on

  • How to make the most of Office 365
  • How to use it, when and why
  • Tips and tricks for MS Office, new features of
  • SharePoint, Skype for Business and OneNote
  • To ensure consistent and standardised training, an STL trainer was assigned to deliver countrywide to all Primesight locations.


‘When I showed them FlashFill in Excel, they immediately said how much time it would save - and that was only 10 minutes into the training,’ said trainer Richard.

The client noted post training:

  • Staff came away with lots of useful tips and tricks
  • Improved and sustained engagement in using Office 365
  • Better understanding of how everything integrates into Office 365
  • Secondary payoff of improved staff morale from being invested in, developed and given latest Office 365 apps to make their daily roles easier

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Aurora Luca - Senior HR Advisor - Primesight

"It definitely met our training objectives and everyone feels like a little ‘IT ninja’ now! Many thanks for a great, fun, interactive and engaging training. It was just brilliant!’


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