A web search for database courses in London will reveal a countless array of training providers. What is the best way for organizations to evaluate who the right provider is for their needs?

Certified Instructors

With many training subjects, it can be difficult to evaluate the experience and ability of an instructor. However, with Access database courses in London, or anywhere else, Microsoft certification is a powerful indicator of the trainer's competence.

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) have passed a rigorous set of standards that demonstrates they are experts in their field. They must demonstrate technical expertise through the acquisition of another Microsoft certification such as Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and they must also demonstrate instructional presentations skills.

MCTs must renew their certification annually. Their performance is subject to review by Microsoft through random audits and student evaluations. Some instructors take the next step and become Microsoft Certified Learning Consultants (MCLCs), which qualifies them not only to teach courses but to design creative learning solutions of their own.

Access database courses in London taught by MCTs and MCLCs generally provide more detailed and comprehensive coverage of the material combined with real world examples that make the coursework more relevant to the students.

Training to Client Needs

With so many database courses in London, there is a lot of competition for training budgets. It is a buyer's market and organizations shouldn't be afraid to ask for special treatment.

Although the typical model of sending employees to a training centre is still common, instructors are becoming more accommodating to the needs of their students. The course can be taught onsite at the client's place of work or at some agreeable alternative location.

Courses can be customized to focus on material directly relevant to the client's workflow rather than trying a "one size fits all" approach that spends time teaching skills the client won't use. Further customization can include examples of the client's own data so that employees can see a direct application of the principles they are learning.

Value Added Services

Providers of database courses in London are offering more than just simple classes. Classroom instruction is supplemented with additional services to make a full service training package. Students can find it difficult to apply the knowledge learned to their day to day jobs. Some instructors make themselves available for questions after the course, either in person or through online forums.

Training providers commonly offer consultancy in addition to classroom courses. The services of an experienced and certified database expert can be a great help, particularly to a company that is first setting up a database. Transitioning from a flat database such as an Excel sheet or even paper files to a relational database such as Access can be intimidating. A consultant's help makes the transition much easier and can save days or weeks of employee time.