Finding the right site for Microsoft Access training will go a long way to helping employees learn the software effectively. Many training officers don't realize that there are many options in training locations.

Why Use a Third Party Venue?

Having your Microsoft Access training at the vendor's site has the advantage that they have all needed equipment and software, a well-designed training facility, and immediate access to instructors. However, it is inconvenient for your employees who might have to commute to a destination much further than their normal workplace. If the training facility is in another city, this incurs travel expenses and makes it even harder for employees.

Many training vendors offer Microsoft Access training onsite at your workplace. While convenient, this has its own set of pitfalls. You may not have the right facilities such as a large conference room. Even if you have the space, something as simple as insufficient electrical outlets for the equipment can cause a problem. The biggest drawback with onsite training is the threat of interruption from other employees.

A great compromise is to find some other venue such as a hotel or conference centre. Finding one close to your business makes it convenient to employees and yet removes distractions.

What Should the Training Vendor Provide?

In order to use an independent venue for Microsoft Access training you'll need a few things from the trainer.

First, of course, is the willingness to meet you at another location. Some vendors insist on training only in their own facilities, feeling that gives them more control over the environment. Others might be open to the idea but might have some objection to the particular location you have chosen.

They will need to approve the location so consult with the vendor first. They may already have a list of independent facilities in your area that they have used before. The training vendor will have to provide equipment including laptops and software for the students plus AV and other equipment for the instructor.

What Features Should the Third Party Location Have?

If the training vendor has no recommendations, you'll need to find an appropriate venue for Microsoft Access training yourself. Finding a location near your business will be most convenient for employees so look around the nearby area first.

Check out the facilities in person before committing. Make sure that there is plenty of room for all students without people being crowded. Check for plenty of parking as well. See how comfortable the setting is, particularly the chairs. Some conference centres insist on using chairs that look nice but are very uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

See what kind of refreshments the venue will provide and if they will cost extra. Employees distracted by hunger, thirst, or lack of caffeine aren't going to learn as effectively.

Look at all of this through the eyes of the students. Ask yourself if you would learn effectively in this environment.