Many of us work hard to try and find new ways to improve our performance, both on a personal and a professional level. The same principle can be applied to technologies which assist us in our daily lives. Often, we hear news that a new and improved car, paint or washing powder has been released onto the market. Computer software is no different, as demonstrated by the release of a new version of Microsoft Access on 30th January 2007. By acting upon customer feedback and brainstorming new ideas, the idea was to create a more efficient and user-friendly database program. Let us review some of the new features of Microsoft Access 2007.

Introduction of Prebuilt Solutions

Conveniently, forms and reports have already been designed for immediate use by the user. The idea is to save time and allow you to begin inputting your data as soon as possible. There is also the option to customise these prebuilt solutions to further meet your requirements.

New results orientated user interface

The new interface replaces the layers of menus and toolbars found in previous editions of Access with a standard area called the ribbon. It has been designed to enhance the ease with which new applications can be created and modified as only those commands which are relevant to the task at hand are displayed at any one particular time. A new navigation pane has also been designed.

Simplification of table creation

Microsoft Access 2007 has been designed with automatic data type detection capabilities. This means that the system is able to recognise whether you are entering a date or a currency, for example. It is also possible to paste an Excel spreadsheet into Access thereby avoiding the need to retype the data.

Ability to easily share information between programs

It is possible to share data contained within an Access database with colleagues using Windows SharePoint Services. Essentially, Access data can be accessed and edited through a Web interface. This allows your work to proceed smoothly, without unnecessary holdups.

As the new edition of Microsoft Access has made some significant changes and incorporated new features, it may be worth attending a Microsoft Access training course. This can help to ensure that you are up-to-date and able to utilize the new software to its' best advantage. Alternatively, you may be new to Microsoft Access. If this is the case, the updated software should make the principles of operating a relational database system even easier to master.