Have you been using Access for a while and think you could get more out of it, but don't know how? Are you new to the program and don't know where to start? Or perhaps you want find out how Access can help your business thrive.

Microsoft Access is a popular application that many businesses use to store and retrieve information. It is a database management software application (DBMS) used by small to medium businesses, large companies and individuals at home.

Access has become one of the most widely-used applications in the Microsoft Office suite. Today's business environment needs more than email and report writing. As a result, skills in the key MS Office applications have become vital for business success. How can you reap the benefits of the high performance results that Access is capable of?

Access gives its users powerful, easy to use design tools with relatively little effort. Because it is so easy to use, it is often under-used as untrained staff work with a limited understanding of the program's capabilities. This can lead to the misconception that "this is all the program can do" and the business then misses out on the program's true potential to improve performance.

The underlying factor for this misunderstanding is largely due to lack of knowledge of the program and access to high quality, cost effective and practical training. Learning Access in a task by task approach, results in users (and the business) missing out on Access' strategic capabilities.

There are practical training options for businesses. Many training companies are offering instructor-led Access training courses, delivered in a professional and easy to understand way. Microsoft Qualified trainers combine their industry experience with real knowledge of Access - they know the program, they know its capabilities and they know how to teach - so delegates get the best out of the training and Access.

Just as Microsoft Office has advanced in the last nineteen years, training had developed alongside it. You don't have to attend large classes with poor quality teaching and limited course materials. Microsoft training is a huge industry with a selection of course venues, availability and competitive prices to match.

These days you can expect more from professional Access training. It should be delivered by Microsoft qualified trainers in well equipped venues. Many of the larger training companies now offer up to three Microsoft Access public schedules courses a week at introduction, intermediate, advanced and VBA (programming) level according to the users experience and understanding.

Access beginners can benefit from the introductory level, learning important concepts such as how to use tables, fields and records in relation to simple queries, forms and views. The more advanced users will develop skills in SQL queries and how they relate to relational databases.

Access users with specific training needs can take advantage of bespoke courses or consultancy. Consultancy can help your business to understand or tweak an already existing Access application to get the best results out of it. Consultancy can include database design or re-design and development to improve efficiency and usability within your work environment.

Staff may prefer to have tailored course content delivered at their company site. This is becoming an increasingly popular approach - for example, training a whole team to get the most out of their Access database at work. Public schedules, near-site, one-to-one and consultancy are also widely offered to cover all sorts of training preferences. Effective training doesn't end when the instructor leaves - good training providers support your post course learning with 12 month support from their trainers.

You have the control to choose the most convenient time to learn Access, with a delivery format that suits your preferred learning style and business needs. Public schedule courses for Access, run many times a month and on-site training can be scheduled around your team's work load allowing more control and focus relating to your business goals. If you are moving from one MS Office version to another, short upgrade courses can facilitate the transition and save you valuable time.

With a plentiful supply of courses in an extremely competitive market, you can choose Access training to suit you. The Microsoft Office training industry often offers promotional rates and easy online booking. With the variety of training and competitive rates there has never been a better time to develop key Microsoft Access skills to help your business to thrive.