Microsoft Access is perhaps the most underutilized powerhouse application in any office today. Because most people haven't had Access training, they generally attempt to organize their data using Word or Excel; applications with only a fraction of the functionality. Without Access training, most managers and employees don't even realize that they are missing out on serious functionality that could make their tasks exponentially easier, faster, and more accurate.

Who Uses Microsoft Access

Access is a relational database program that allows the user to connect lots of pieces of information without a complicated mess. Just about every manager, inventory specialist, or customer relations specialist has a need to quickly access different types of data relating to one employee, product, or customer respectively.

Through Access training, those in these positions learn how to have complete control over their data in a powerful database format. Trying to organize and connect large amounts of data with Word or Excel is like attempting to cram 3 dimensions of information onto a 2 dimensional plane. Access training offers the key to understanding, building, and using relational databases.

Microsoft Access Training for Personnel Managers

Managers are required to organize a great deal of information about each associate such as quarterly review rankings, training test scores, salary increases, sales numbers, etc. While all of these different types of information relate to one employee, they don't all necessarily relate to each other. Keeping one Excel sheet for each category works on an elementary level, but through Access training, managers learn not just how to keep notes on various statistics, but how to make these statistics work for them.

With Access training, managers learn how to create simple, customized interfaces in which to enter various types of data as well as smart and fast ways to access the information. For example, if a manager wants to see an employee's average sales number from the past 1 year or for just the past 6 months, he or she only needs to enter a date range rather than having to rework calculations with different sets of numbers.

Microsoft Access Training for Inventory Specialists

For a product driven sales company, managing inventory is critical for success. Access training teaches inventory control specialists essential knowledge for building smart, customized systems around a company's operations. Every product must have a recommended stock level, one or more vendors, vendor data, special instructions, etc. Each of these types of information is completely unique to the other types of related data in both purpose and format.

Access training shows inventory specialists how to create different tables for each data category and bring them together into one neat block of information when called for. Instead of sorting through various sheets of data for each individual data element, Access training shows users how to build templates for locating information instantly.

Microsoft Access Training for Customer Relations Specialists

If there is any one way that a business can rise above its competition, it's by building exceptional customer relationships. Your associates likely know much more about your customers than they have the ability to track. For the customer, this means a less customized experience the next time they make contact.

Many companies understand how critical customer data is and attempt to track data in a linear note-taking format to be referenced when and if the customer contacts again. However, linear notes can be difficult to sift through quickly. After Access training, customer relations specialists can learn to build systems to track customer information categorically and access it instantly.

Most businesses don't realize how much more functionality could be harnessed with Access training for employees. In your office, there are most likely individuals who are doing their jobs with make-shift organizational methods built with Word or Excel that are meant for a database program like Access. Training to the advanced skill level is a 3 to 5 day investment that can easily return many times that number of days in increased productivity. If your organization is looking for ways to maximize the potential of its current employees and systems, Access training and other Office training courses is a smart place to begin.