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Lookup and Sum

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Lookup and Sum

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to do a look up against a different table... but then i want to sum up the value against each line of the orginal value.
Is this possible please??

Example Info (there is more columns then shown below):

Description Possible Days
200 KVA 36
300 KVA 54
150 KVA 56
200 KVA 72
150 KVA 22
20 KVA 16
300 KVA 31

I need to look up each of the Possible days against each Description and then return the summed total. I have already done a count summary against the description so i know how many of each description there is.

i hoope this makes sense! Please help me out :-)

RE: Lookup and Sum

Hi Emily,

Thank you for your question to the forum

When you say you want to 'sum up the value against each line of the original value' which value is which from your example? It is not clear from your description exactly what you want to achieve.

What I suggest is you do is send us an example of your data - I assume it is in Excel - to info@stl-training.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards
Martin Sutherland
(IT trainer)

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