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Characteristic of excellent communicator

How do you know the audience better?

RE: Characteristic of excellent communicator

Hi Nazlin, thanks for your question.

Here are some ways to know your audience better:

Use Active Listening:
Listen well to understand the needs, concerns, and motivations of your audience. Active listening involves not just hearing words but also empathising with the speaker's perspective. When you truly listen, you can tailor your approach to address specific needs and objections.

Understand your competitors
Looking at your competitors. Evaluate their brand, their brand voice, the types of marketing strategies they use and the messaging they bring out in their advertising.
What techniques are they using? Why did they use this specific phrasing, rather than some other phrasing? This image rather than that one?

Get to know your audience personally
When working with your clients one-on-one, take some extra time to get to know them on a personal level, building rapport with them will help make this a lot easier.

Ask better questions
Use open questions to elicit full responses, use surveys, questionnaires, ask for feedback – be inquisitive! Be direct and even ask how they prefer to communicate with you.

Be empathetic
Put yourself in their shoes and think about how they view your business/product/service and what they care about. Ask yourself what they most want to know about the topic at hand and how it specifically relates to or interests them. Looking at the world through their eyes will help you develop an effective message and deliver it in ways that will make your audience more likely to listen, engage and act.

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