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Data as filter / slicer

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Data as filter / slicer

Hi there,

I have my reports ready, but I need to create a slicer which is a date range (from date X to date Y) - that can be drop-down, data picker, etc. This will filter all data in the report by 'date created' field on the a table that's related (foreign key) to the main table that brings the 'count' values.

I remember in the course, you mentioned it's better to create a table with dates only - can you remind me why?

What would the best practice to do this?

Thank you! G.

RE: Data as filter / slicer

Hi Grazi,

Thankyou for your question to the forum.

A Date table in Excel contains multiple fields all relating to different date periods. One such field must contain a primary key which lists all the dates from oldest to newest with no gaps. This date table will need to become part of the data model by creating a 1 to Many relationship with another table containing a date field eg. order date.

Date Tables are great for analysing dates at a more complex level eg. a summary of orders broken down by Region for all 4 Fiscal Quarters/Weekdays or comparing sales Year on Year/Month on Month provided they are related to other tables through the data model

If you just want to use a date slicer to analyse number of orders at day level for each date, there is no need for a date table as you can just use the date field from whichever table you want to analyse on.

I hope this makes sense and has helped you to understand date tables a bit more

Kind regards
Martin Sutherland
IT Trainer

RE: Data as filter / slicer

Thanks Martin. I think the date slicer would work then.

I'll try and report back. Thank you

RE: Data as filter / slicer

Hi Grazi,

I'm glad to hear this has worked for you.

Kind regards
Martin Sutherland
(IT Trainer)

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