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Screen recording

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Screen recording

could you go over the steps for this part, as it's the only area of the course I couldn't actually do? thank you

RE: Screen recording

Hi Stacey

Thank you for your question to the forum.

To do a screen recording do the following:

1. Whilst in Powerpoint, open the window containing the system or software you want to record

2. In Powerpoint go to INSERT > MEDIA > SCREEN RECORDING

3. You will get a control panel with a set of buttons. Click on the 'Select Area' button and then with the cross symbol displayed, click and drag to mark out the area to be included in your recording. Also ensure the audio button is selected so that your voice is captured during the recording

4. Now click on the 'Record' button. This will do a countdown from 3 to 0 at which point the recording is now live

5. Move your mouse downwards to make the panel disappear and then start your demonstration

6. When you have finished your demonstration, move your mouse up to the top of the screen to display the control panel.

7. Now click on the stop button (blue square) to stop the recording.

8. Your recording is now a video clip which appears on the current slide.

9. To create a stand alone video that does not involve opening Powerpoint to view it, right click on the video clip and go to SAVE MEDIA AS. Name your file and click on the Save button

I hope this helps with your query

Kind regards

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