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Template transfer to web-version

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Template transfer to web-version

I maintain a dashboard which is updated multiple times a week. When I initially built the dashboard, I only had PBI desktop but have since started using the web-based version. When I apply updates to the desktop version of the dashboard, I must manually load that .pbix file to the relevant workspace on the web version for the updates to be seen by stakeholders.

Is there a way to transfer the .pbix file and the related data set (data is sourced from a single excel sheet) to the web version as a template to remove the upload/refresh requirement or is my only option to rebuild the dashboard in the web version from the dataset directly? I can see the option to set up an auto-refresh on the excel data sheet, but not on the .pbix file.

RE: Template transfer to web-version

Hello Grant,

Thankyou for your question on the forum.

There is no easy way to transfer your report from desktop to service without rebuilding it unfortunately. However, there is an option to automate refresh in the service to avoid having to refresh at desktop stage and republish.

What you will need to set up firstly is an Enterprise Gateway which your IT dept can help you with. The gateway acts like a bridge between your on-premise data (eg. Excel) and your online report in the service. Once it's set up, IT will issue you with some login credentials to set up the refresh. Ideally you would want to set up what's called schedule refresh to ensure your reports are updated every hour for example.

The following Youtube link takes you through the steps:


I hope this helps and if so please let me know

Kind regards
Martin Sutherland
(Senior Applications Trainer)

RE: Template transfer to web-version

Thanks Martin, much appreciated. That video was really helpful.

RE: Template transfer to web-version

Hi Grant,

You're welcome

Kind regards


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