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Lock cells, unlock cells, deny changes

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Lock cells, unlock cells, deny changes

Please could you remind me on how to lock cells within a worksheet so that other users cannot edit certain cells but can type into other cells. thanks

RE: lock cells, unlock cells, deny changes

Hi Judy,

There are two parts to this.
First you mark the cells that you want to be changeable when you protect then sheet.
Second you protect the sheet.

To mark the cells:
Select the cells that you want to be editable
Go to format cells and go to the right most tab, headed Protection and untick the check box that says Locked

To protect the sheet:
Right click on the sheet name and choose Protect Sheet from the menu. You can then choose to add a password if required. Once you have clicked OK the sheet will be locked and only the cells that you have unlocked can be changed.

To unprotect the sheet right click on the tab and choose unprotect.

I hope that helps.

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