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New Measure

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New Measure

Hi, I have some data where I need to calculate the total scores per month. Each month one of our teams needs to report a green or red score of 1300 balance sheet codes. I have a consolidated excel table of all of the data but I need to work out the total green and total red scores for each month and present this in a Dashboard. I have created a pivot in BI to show the total scores by region and month but I need to break this down further so we can look at % increase/decrease.

RE: New Measure

Hi Lesley,

Thank you for your question.

Jens, the trainer who can answer your question, is training today and so won't be able to get to your question straight away. I see you have it as low priority so I hope this will be OK.

I'm assigning this to Jens and he will get to it as soon as he can.

Kind regards,

RE: New Measure

Thank you Clare that's no problem. Its part of a dashboard with other information on so no rush to get back to me

RE: New Measure

Hi Lesley,

Thank you for the forum question.

If you have a matrix in the report and you want the monthly increase or decrease you can do something like below:

DecInc = DIVIDE(sum(Table[greenScore]),CALCULATE(sum(table[GreenScore]),PREVIOUSMONTH(Table[Date])),sum(Table[GreenScore]),0)

I do know the name of your tables or your headings. You will need to change my DAX and use your table names and headings.

Kind regards

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