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Paste Special

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Paste Special

When trying to paste a link to Excel, the whole table didn't come through, just an enlarged part of the table.

RE: Paste Special

Hello Penny,

Thank you for your question. What works for me when I paste Excel data into PowerPoint, is to select the entire table in Excel, then switch to PowerPoint, select Paste - Paste Special - Paste Link - Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object. I get the entire table into PowerPoint when I do this, even with a large table.

You can also right-click inside the slide in PowerPoint, then use one of the paste icons. Two of these icons paste with a link to Excel.

If this still doesn't work for you, please let us know, so that we can try a different method.

Kind regards
Marius Barnard

RE: Paste Special

Hi Marius,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, I was trying to paste using the first option you gave in your answer. I was in a training course with your colleague Dennis, and he couldn't work out why select Paste - Paste Special - Paste Link - Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object didn't work.

Kind regards


RE: Paste Special

Hi Penny,

The only time I only get part of a table is when I do it from inside PowerPoint (Insert - Object - Create from File - Browse - select file - OK).

Otherwise I always get the entire table when I start from Excel. If you are still having trouble, I could ask my fellow trainers if they have come across the issue.

Kind regards

RE: Paste Special

Hi everyone,

This is Claire, watching the forum on Friday 6th.

I'm sure you've checked this but I can't see it mentioned in your thread: have you saved the PowerPoint you're pasting into?

If you haven't yet saved the presentation you can get some strange results when doing paste link.

Does that help?


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