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Organisation / Ordering of slides

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Organisation / Ordering of slides

Can you change the order of slides to reverse order of full pack?

RE: Organisation / Ordering of slides

Hi Claire

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately there is no quick and easy shortcut to do this. However, if you go into Slide Sorter view and zoom out you can make the process of reversing the slides much quicker.

To access the Slide Sorter view:
- Go to the View Ribbon
- Under Presentation Views click on Slide Sorter
- Zoom out so you can see as many slides as possible

Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards,
MS Office Trainer


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To turn this off so that you always get everything, go to Tools / Customize / Options Tab / "Always show full menus". Make sure there is a tick in the box and you will always have every item.

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