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Auto-totalling from several worksheets/workbooks | Excel forum

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Auto-totalling from several worksheets/workbooks

I need start a workbook that auto-totals information from several worksheets/spreadsheets, is this possible? Are there any online tutorials that can assist with this?

thank you,


RE: Auto-totalling from several worksheets/workbooks

Hi Sian

You can achieve this by 'linking' your worksheets/workbooks to your new summary workbook.

This is covered on our Excel Intermediate course that you attended, so if you refer to the 'Linking your Workbook' section of your manual then you will find some information and a step by step guide.

If you prefer watching videos, this Youtube video is also pretty helpful:

Let us know if you have any more issues or need help with a specific problem with your linking.

Kind Regards,
Excel Trainer

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Excel tip:

Shared Conditional Formatting

In a shared workbook, conditional formats applied before the workbook was shared will continue to work; however you cannot modify the existing conditional formats or apply new ones.

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