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Swap element positions

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Swap element positions


I was wondering whether it is possible to swap the position of two elements in Powerpoint (in the editing mode, not as an effect during the presentation). When setting up a presentation, I notice from time to time that the position of a few elements may better be swapped. I remember that Powerpoint offers such a feature in which one can easily swap the position of two elements, but unfortunately I can't find it anymore.

Thanks in advance for your help!

RE: Swap element positions

Hi Felix

Thanks for your question, it's an interesting one.

Unfortunately swapping two object positions is not a standard feature of PowerPoint.

It is possible using certain add ins, so if you are really keen check out this blog to find a suitable add in that will work for your needs:

An easy alternative in normal PowerPoint if you are working with pictures or icons is to:
- Duplicate Object 1 (Ctrl + D is the shortcut)
- Copy Object 2
- Right click on Object 1, select Change Graphic, select From Clipboard
- Then copy your duplicate of Object 1, click on Object 2, select Change Graphic, select From Clipboard
- Delete the duplicate of Object 1

This will directly swap the two pictures, keeping any sizing, positioning or special effects that you have applied.

Hope this answers your question.

Kind Regards,

PowerPoint Trainer

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RE: Swap element positions

Hi Sarah,

thanks for your reply - It is really helpful! Does your suggested concept also work with shapes? I often work with boxes that contain some text.

Thanks and best regards,

RE: Swap element positions

Hi Felix

No, unfortunately shapes work in a slightly different way.

Another workaround for tweaking shapes on your slide could be to select your shape, select the Format ribbon, then select the Edit Shape dropdown on the left hand side. In this menu you can select the Change Shape option, which allows you to completely change the tyoe shape you are using while maintaining any formatting, text or outlines you've applied.

Another great tip is to turn on your gridlines, which you can do by going to the View ribbon, then selecting Gridlines from the Show section. This can be a massive help when manually swapping shapes and objects.

Hope these tips help, let me know if you need more!


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