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Multiple Themes

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Multiple Themes

Is it possible to use more than one theme (colour scheme etc) within a single document, controlled by a single slide master ?

RE: Multiple Themes

Hi Rory

Thanks for your question!

It is possible to use two themes within one presentation, but not within one Slide Master.

If you would like to have two themes in one document you can go to the Slide Master View, then click the Insert Slide Master button on the Ribbon. With the new Slide Master selected, change the theme colours and styles as you would normally, but using the theme options in the Slide Master Ribbon NOT the Design Ribbon. This will apply the theme to just slide using the layouts from that particular Slide Master, which means you can use two themes in one document.

Hope that makes sense.

Kind Regards,

PowerPoint Trainer

RE: Multiple Themes

Perfect, thanks Sarah !


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