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Application of the skill in daily life

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Application of the skill in daily life

How to make the most of the personality identification in daily life?

RE: Application of the skill in daily life

Hi Jessica
Good to hear from you. The application of the personality profiles can be used in every aspect of every day life, whether you are at work or in your personal life.

Let's say, for example, that one of your project managers, with whom you are engaged, is asking for certain standards of compliance before he/she is able to give any instruction on grants. If I remember correctly, you tend towards blue/red behaviour and therefore you would understand the need for this request for information. However, one of the local private clients with whom you are working is a yellow/green who has his own idea of what those standards should be and how to achieve them, selling the idea well and saying that everything he is proposing will be satisfied, yet these suggestions do not fully comply. Yellow/greens can exaggerate promises. To get him to understand why P4F requires this compliance, you an adapt to his style, (visual, emotional) agreeing enthusiastically with his concepts but trying to paint the picture of why the standards are applied and where those standards would lead to in the future. (brighter, more efficient, serving the community better, etc. )

Yellow/greens are not happy with being told 'because they are the rules' - they need to be told why they are there and what the outcome will look like if they applied them.

Personally, you may be attracted to that personality because they are teaching you a part of your own unconscious motivators that are not often or generally expressed. It helps you reflect on how you might be coming across to others without your realising it.
I hope this helps and that you will find it very effective. Best regards, Terry

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