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Working on a document with tracked changes and had to copy text

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Working on a document with tracked changes and had to copy text

Hi Team,
Please I need your assistance with being able to delete a blank page.
So, the document has already been created and some tracked changes were made to it. Then I had to insert text that covered a full page into this 'working document'
However, my dilemma is that this has created a blank page underneath the insertion I made and I do not know how to delete or remove the page. I was not the original creator of the document but really do need to get this sorted.

Please can you help? I hope you were able to understand the query? I was told that this forum is the best to use and you are quite great with responding.

Thank you

RE: Working on a document with tracked changes and had to copy t

Hi Kanayo

Thank you for using the forum. We are always happy to help :)

Have you tried turning on the Show/Hide formatting option? It looks little backwards P on the Home Ribbon in the Paragraph group (also called a Pilcrow).

Once you activate that, Word will tell you if a Page Break has been inserted or someone has pressed Enter multiple times.

You should be able to click in front of the Page Break and press delete or just delete all the extra lines and that should resolve the problem.

Just remember to press the Show/Hide Formatting icon again to hide all the formatting

Hope this helps

Kind regards
Wendy Canelas
Microsoft Office Trainer

Thu 14 Jun 2018: Automatically marked as resolved.


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