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V Look Up

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V Look Up

I have 2 spreadsheets and I want to use a vlookup to take information from one column in one spreadsheet and populate that data in another spreadsheet so it consolidates into one document

I have an employee ID as the common value in both documents. Can you provide me with instructions about how I do that?


RE: V Look Up

Hi Duncan

Thanks for your question.

The structure of the VLOOKUP function is:

=VLOOKUP(lookup value,lookup table,column index number,range lookup)

Column index number is the column you want to return your information from - you need to count columns from left to right in your lookup table 1,2,3 until you get to the column you want to return the info from.

Range lookup specifies whether it is an approximate or exact VLOOKUP.

Try using the formulas below (you will need to substitute some parts with your own references):
Column A - list of employee IDS

Column B =VLOOKUP(A1,employeetable1,2,0) -- where column 2 refers to eg employee names in your employeetable1

Column C =VLOOKUP(A1,employeetable2,3,0) -- where column 3 refers to eg employee locations in your employeetable2

Let me know if you need any more help.

Kind Regards,

Excel Trainer

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Excel tip:

Shortcuts for working with named ranges in Excel

If you are working with or creating named ranges in your spreadsheets, then you may find the following shortcut keys useful.

- Bring up the Define Names dialogue box on screen by using Ctrl + F3 (instead of going to Insert - Names).

- Create Names from labels you have entered into the spreadsheet by highlighting the labels and related figures, then hold down Shift + Ctrl + F3. You can then choose to create names from the top or bottom rows, or left or right columns.

- Go directly to a named range by hitting the F5 key. The Go To dialogue box will open and display any named ranges in the spreadsheet. Simply select the named range to navigate to it in the spreadsheet.

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