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Linking graphs from excel to powerpoint

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Linking graphs from excel to powerpoint

Sometimes working on powerpoint, the link between the excel document and the powerpoint doc breaks and all the information in the graph goes blank. The sharepoint folder is shared internally amongst the team, so everyone has access to the same files.

RE: Linking graphs from excel to powerpoint

Hi Tristan

Try uploading the files to Sharepoint, THEN linking them. Sometimes when you link files then upload to Sharepoint it can scramble the reference.


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RE: Linking graphs from excel to powerpoint

Many thanks for the tip, but this is happening when both files have already been saved on sharepoint.

RE: Linking graphs from excel to powerpoint

Hi Tristan,

Sarah has asked me to have a look at this.

Links between files are very delicate and easily broken so there are a few things to have in mind.

Where possible save the Excel and the PowerPoint in the same folder in SharePoint. Then we know that the security applying to both files is the same.
Are they in the same folder?

To be sure each file knows about the location of the other: upload the files into SharePoint before you link them. Check out the PowerPoint file and insert the linked item. Then check it back in.
This should ensure that the link is stable and doesn't get broken during the upload to SharePoint.

Did you link the files once they were already in SharePoint?

For files which you have not updated, if you choose not to update links does the chart show correctly?

Please let me know if you are still having a problem.



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