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Making a summary timeline project plan

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Making a summary timeline project plan

What is the easiest way to create a summary timeline in powerpoint. I would like a two year project divided into quarters (8 columns) and a variety of activities in the left column. I would like to be able to use arrows to indicate periods of time for each activity and these will cover periods of 6 months or more.

Is it better to produce the timeline in powerpoint or some other system?

Any advice welcome

RE: Making a summary timeline project plan

Hi Ann

You should be able to create this in PowerPoint using a table:
Insert Ribbon>Table.

I would recommend adding as much detail as possible to your plan in the table first, then at the very end adding the arrows (as these are the fiddliest bits, and it's not possible to group the arrows with the table to make it easier).

In fact, using shading in cells on the table to indicate time frames is probably an easier way to note the time periods for each activity, rather than arrows (then it would look more like a traditional Gantt chart).

Alternatively, you could create something similar in Excel then copy and paste it across to PowerPoint as needed.

Hope this answers your question, let us know if you need any further help.

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