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Hi there,
I need to be able to use more colours than I am able to set in a theme. Is there a way of setting up two themes to use at the same time? I have saved two themes with the colours I need but it only allows me to use one and then the various shades of them which I don't need necessarily!


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RE: ppt

Hi Nidia

It doesn't seem possible to apply more than one Theme to a slide. However, you can apply different themes to each slide in your presentation.

To apply a theme to on slide only.

Step 1 - Select the slide
Step 2 - Click the Slide Design tab
Step 3 - Right click on the theme (or your own custom theme)
Step 4 - Choose Apply to Selected Slides

Repeat for other slides in your presentation remembering to right click.

If instead you left click on the theme it applies by default to all slides.

Hope that helps for now
Best STL

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