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VBA if statement within userform

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VBA if statement within userform


I have a userform where there is one drop down box and a text box beneath it. I'm trying to write an if statement code where, if the 'Standard' option is selected the user has to complete the textbox below with further information, however if any of the other items in the list are selected then the textbox says "N/A". This is the code I have:

Private Sub cboPriority_Change()

If cboPriority.Value = "Standard" Then
txtBooked.Value = ""

Else: txtBooked.Value = "N/A"

End If

End Sub

However when 'Standard' is selected the user is unable to type anything in the textbox, I realise this is because of the "" value I've put in the code but how do I amend this so the textbox can be typed in?

Thanks for your help


RE: VBA if statement within userform

Hi Raani

Thanks for getting in touch. I was surprised this Excel VBA code didn't work. To get round this I added another command enabling or disabling the textbox to ensure control was passed back to the user.

Here's the resulting code:

Private Sub cboPriority_Change()

If cboPriority.Value = "Standard" Then
txtBooked.Value = ""
txtBooked.Enabled = True

txtBooked.Value = "N/A"
txtBooked.Enabled = False

End If

End Sub

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Kind regards

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