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Excel 2013 Chart Axis Titles

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Excel 2013 Chart Axis Titles

How can you do rotated titles for the Y Axis of a graph in Excel 2013?

RE: Excel 2013 Chart Axis Titles

Hi Jenny

Thanks for getting in touch and I hope you enjoyed your training today.

To restate your issue: you currently in Excel 2010 position your value axis title vertically above the axis, and you're trying to do this in Excel 2013.

Can you confirm you want it to look like the top-right chart in this link?


Because I cannot find an automated way to do this in any version of Excel. You can simply drag the Axis Title box to your desired location, but I can't find a menu option that will do this for you.

I do hope I've understood you correctly, please give me more information to help you fix your issue.

Kind regards

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