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Access Change Tab Order

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Access Change Tab Order

Hi, how do I change the Tab order on a Form in Access?

RE: Access Change Tab Order

Hi Katrina, thanks for your query. Here's what Microsoft have to say on the subject:

Hope this helps,


RE: Access Change Tab Order

Thank you! That's just what I needed, it's refreshed my memory.

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Not sure which data type to use for your Access fields? Here are some guidelines to help you choose a data type to assign to a field.

- The Text data type can accept up to 255 characters. For information that will be recorded in paragraphs, use Memo.

- Also use Text for numbers that aren't going to be used in calculations, e.g. phone numbers.

- Use the Currency data type for monetary amounts.

- Use Date/Time for dates.

- Most other numbers can use the Number data type, but the Field Size property may have to be altered.

- For fields that have only two alternatives (yes, no) use Yes/No data type. If there is likely to be a third entry option (e.g. maybe or don't know) use Text instead.

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