inserting descending page number

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Inserting descending page numbers

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Inserting descending page numbers

How do i insert descending page numbers so instead of starting at 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc it starts from 180,179,178 etc?

RE: Inserting descending page numbers

Hi Lennon

Thank you for your question.

Word's page numbering is designed to number in ascending order, not descending therefore there is nothing you can change in the page numbering that would make Word do this - sorry.



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Autonumbering in Word

The Auto Numbering feature in Word can be both useful (when you want it to work) and annoying when you don't.

When you begin a list by typing 1 then press the space bar or tab key, and type in text, Word will automatically change the paragraph to a numbered list when the ENTER key is pressed. This will mean that the next paragraph is automatically numbered as 2.

If you do not want Word to continue sequentially numbering any following paragraphs, you can turn off Auto Numbering. To do this, go to Tools-Auto Correct Options. In the Auto Correct dialog box, click the "Auto Format As You Type" tab. Deselect the "Automatic Numbered Lists" checkbox, then click OK to close the box.

To turn Auto Numbering back on, go back into Tools-AutoCorrect Options and recheck the "Automatic Numbered Lists" option.

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