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Keyboard shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts

Do you have a ready reference of common and helpful keyboard shortcuts?

RE: Keyboard shortcuts

Hi Kevin

The best way to find out the shortcuts for the program you are using is to go to help and search for "keyboard shortcuts"
then you can print this off and keep them handy, if you do this in whatever programs you use i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

This should help you lots

Mark East


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Word tip:

Easily manipulate inserted images

When images are inserted into a Word document (Insert - Picture - from File), by default the images are formatted to be 'In line with text' which can make it difficult to position the inserted image exactly where you want it to go in your document.

The default settings in Word can be changed so that when images are inserted, they are much easier to manipulate and move around in your document.

1. Go to Tools - Options.
2. Select the Edit tab.
3. Under 'Insert/paste pictures as:' select 'Square' or 'Tight' from the drop down options.
4. Click OK.

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