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Speed up data entry

Having entered data in Sage Line 50, for example, purchase invoice details, use the F6 key to copy data from the line immediately above. Use the SHIFT+F6 key to increment the data in the line immediately above, for example date entries

Copying Chart of accounts

It is necessary to create a Chart of a Accounts in Sage if a user wishes to display and print a Profit and loss or a Balance Sheet report. This is time consuming.

These are saved as *.coa files in the Sage Accdata folder on the hard disk.

The *.coa files are numbered in the order that they are created, for example, 2.coa.

If file 3.coa is deleted and file 2.coa is copied, then renamed 3.coa, it will copy the contents of the second chart of accounts file in the Sage program to the third chart of accounts file withing having to key information in manually.


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