How do I select a block of cells in Excel?

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How do I select a block of cells in Excel?

Although the word 'block' is not commonly used in Excel it could refer to perhaps a range of cells or possibly 'blocking' someone from using data in a spreadsheet.

This discussion focuses on the term being used to identify a range of selected cells.

To select a 'block' of cells, click on a cell and drag across or down or both and all the cells you choose will now be highlighted and ready for your next move.

There are many different ways to select a 'block' of cells and the following are some you can try for selecting the range B8:F52:

1) Click in the Name Box (left of the Formula Bar) and type the range you require e.g. B8:F52 and press Enter.

2) Click cell B8 then scroll down and across until you can see cell F52. Hold your shift key down and then click cell F52.

3) Use a click and drag method to go from B8 all the way down to F2.

Selecting a "range" or area of cells allows formatting to be applied to multiple cells at once, or when using a formula to refer to more than one cell. This can save you time in setting up features in your spreadsheet.

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