vlookup vs hlookup

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vlookup vs hlookup

Lookup functions let you search a table of records and return a corresponding value when Excel finds a record that matches.

For example a user might have a table containing 100 currencies and their latest exchange rates. When the user enters a currency code into the lookup Excel searches for a matching code in the table. When it finds a match Excel returns the correct exchange rate for that currency.

There are two types of lookup - Vertical (Vlookup) or Horizontal (Hlookup) - depending on how your table of data is laid out in the sheet.

Lookups can search tables of data in other sheets or workbooks.

The syntax of a lookup is as follows:

VLOOKUP(Table of data, column in the table that contains the result, approximate match TRUE or exact match FALSE)

Bear in mind that that the first column in your table of data is the column that the lookup will search. If you are using an approximate match then your table must be sorted in ascending order, based on this column.

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