How to highlight duplicates in Excel 2010?

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How to highlight duplicates in Excel 2010?

To highlight duplicates in Excel version 2007 or 2010 first select the range of cells which you wish to highlight then choose the 'Home' ribbon and from the 'Styles' group select the 'Conditional Formatting' button. From the 'Highlight cell rules' option choose 'Duplicate values'. Choose the formatting you require and then click OK.

The result will show all cells that have duplicate values and you can then use the autofilter feature to filter your list by color. You can then sort the data by one of the text columns and finally check to see whether in fact the data for each cell in a row is duplicated in another row. Now if you wish to remove the duplicates you can do this from the data ribbon.

One of the benefits of using conditional formatting to find duplicates first before using the remove duplicates option is that you gain peace of mind. The peace of mind comes from knowing that you have checked for duplicate data before simply letting the system remove the data without checking first.

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