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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you part of the Microsoft organisation?

microsoft certified partnerOur domain name was "". This was so that internet searches for microsoft training find our training company. This does not in any way imply or is it intended to imply that we are part of the Microsoft organisation.

Our current domain name is ""

However, we do offer Microsoft training on many desktop applications and our trainers hold Microsoft qualifications.

We are a Microsoft Certified Partner. See our other certifications.

We are the largest provider of Microsoft Office training in London and the UK. We qualify this statement by asking you to find a more regular schedule of Microsoft Office training courses.

What is your company name?

I want to check your actual company name to see if you are one of our recognised suppliers so that we can be invoiced if we make a booking.

We used to be called Best Training.

The legal name of the company is Software Training London Ltd.

We trade as STL.

I just want pricing and availability

We've created a quick search feature for you. Here you can search all of our public scheduled courses, showing current pricing and availability.

Then from your search results you can add courses straight to your shopping basket.

How do I order?

For Public scheduled courses:

You can book on-line right now and pay by credit card on-line, over the phone or by invoice.

Either search for a course or go straight to the order form.
For more detailed instructions, see how to book.

For On-site or Closed company courses:

Please either follow the steps located on the on-site training page, or get a quote..

For what applications do you offer training?

We offer Professional and Management training, and Technical training.

We also offer training in Microsoft Office applications (Project, Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint), Adobe (eg. Dreamweaver, InDesign) and other applications.

For a full list, see our course details page.

Training is instructor led, and all of our applications trainers are Soft-Skill or Microsoft qualified.

What training formats do you offer?

We offer public scheduled courses, on-site, closed company training, one-to-one and tailored training courses.

We offer training in London and UK wide.

See training formats page for more details.

How can I be sure my course won't be cancelled for any reason?

Our courses are never cancelled. See more information on our Courses Never Cancelled page.

How competitive are your prices?

We believe we are the most competitively priced for quality training in London. Promotional rates start from £150.

See our pricing policy for more details.

Can I discuss my training requirements with you?

Of course, feel free to call our friendly enquires team.

Alternatively, submit your details via our enquiry form and we will contact you.

Where are the course details?

I am interested in a course but I can't find an explanation of what is covered in the levels offered.

You can find syllabus sheets for all courses on our course details page.

I don't work in Windows. Any chance you offer courses in Excel for Macintosh?

While we don't currently use Macintosh computers in our public schedule courses, we can arrange other training formats using Macs. Some options are on-site training, one-to-one, floor-walking and tailored courses.

Please call us to discuss your training requirements.

Will I get course booklets to take home at the end of my training?

You will receive course reference material for consolidation.

Please see our 'What do I get on the day?' page for more information.

If I complete the course, will I be tested?

If I then pass, will I receive a certification declaring my level of expertise?

There are no official tests or exams at the end of our courses.

However, you can arrange to sit any of the MOS exams at our training centres.

For more information on these exams, visit MOS courses London.

How much are MOS exams and how long are they?

Can it be taken the same day or day after to save another trip to London?

MOS examMOS exams are currently 50 minutes in duration. On the days we have testing scheduled, there are 4 time slots to choose from. So theoretically you can do 4 exams in one day (if all the time slots are available), although that might be a bit too much for some people. Most candidates tend to leave a week between each exam in able to allow time for study and revision.

Current costs and other important information on exams can be found on our MOS exams page.

How many people are generally on each course?

Specifically the Bloomsbury venue?

All of our instructor-led courses have an average of 6 delegates, at all venues. This helps to maintain quality and allows our trainers to give more individual attention where required.

How many hours do your one or two day courses last for?

Our public scheduled courses run from 9:30am to no later than 5pm each day. Lunch is included on each day.

So each day runs for approximately 6.5 hours of training. 2 day courses is approximately 13 hours of training.

If I need to cancel a booking will I get a refund if I pay by card?

It depends if you have booked your course at a promotional rate or at list price.

Please see our Rescheduling and Cancellations page for more details.

Do you have training centres/locations around the UK please?

Or are your training centres only in London?

Currently, we only have training centres in London.

You can arrange for onsite training UK wide at your site or at a venue near you.

We also offer Virtual training so you can be trained from work or home.

What time is the course? Only the date is listed.

For public schedule training courses, the usual starting time is 9:30am. You can assume this is the starting time, unless told otherwise.

Full details will be in your confirmation e-mail, as well as a link to venue information and joining instructions.

We recommend arriving (or joining virtually) at about 9:15am to ensure training can begin on time.

I want to know if you have part-time courses.

Our public scheduled training courses are designed as 1 or 2 day courses.

We may be able to arrange part-time courses on a one-to-one basis, depending on your circumstances.

We don't currently offer evening or weekend courses.

What will I need to bring with me to the course?

Nothing, everything is provided for you.

We provide pens for you to make notes in your workbook or blank paper... so perhaps you'd like to bring your own pen if you've got a favourite one!

You may also like to bring a USB stick/Flash drive if you want to take your course files with you (we notice a lot of VBA and MS Project attendees like to do this). However, we do provide course files in the form of a ZIP download for the majority of our courses, so it's not essential.

Is your general question unanswered?

Contact us, and perhaps mention for us to add your question to this page.

Last updated: 31st December 2021

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