Long gone are the days where you have to spend hours of your day inputting data and making calculations in order to compile accurate, informative spreadsheets. For years Microsoft Office Excel has helped cut the time needed to produce professional spreadsheets that can help boost communication and the organisation of your business.

However, the programme is much more than a device that enables you to tot up figures in columns and rows. Thanks to Microsoft Office Excel 2007 you can now quickly construct comprehensive spreadsheets that can be easily updated and shared with colleagues.

Through its Office Fluent user interface the programme ensures that you will be offered a range of easy-to-understand options when it comes to designing your document. The options available are presented so you can quickly form the best spreadsheet for your needs. From smaller documents to the larger kinds, the software allows you to integrate a staggering one million rows of data and 16,000 columns so even the biggest businesses will find it useful.

The Chart Styles and Chart Layout tabs mean you can entirely control the process of constructing your document so you get the exact desired effect. If you prefer to manually design aspects of your spreadsheet, such as its axis, you can do so via the programme.

There is also the opportunity to personalise your spreadsheet in keeping with the theme of your business if you wish. With MS Excel you can add colours and shading to your document and draw attention to particular columns and information. For example you can apply 3-dimensional shading and shadowing to cells in colours of your choice. This also means that you can highlight related data within your spreadsheet which can make presentations go smoothly.

While putting your table together it is possible to check the progress of the document by accessing the page layout option. Here you can make any final changes and adjustments to the structure of the spreadsheet if you desire.

Other packages from MS Office can be linked to this programme such as PowerPoint, which enables you to professionally display information during presentations. If you need to integrate additional information from other documents into your spreadsheet the programme can import data and can therefore save you time.

As well as allowing you complete freedom to construct spreadsheets MS Excel is an important mathematical tool which can help you compile data. Whether you need to calculate how much stock you sell or the number of items you need to reorder each month, the software can help keep your business on track.

An array of filters included in the programme gives you a range of options so you can cross reference information and see how figures impact upon each other. The integrated filters mean that complex information can be broken down and easily understood which can be a great aid during presentations.

In addition, for further information on the data you input, MS Excel offers you the chance to create a PivotTable. This invaluable tool means that additional information in the form of a summary can be integrated into your spreadsheet making it more comprehensive. Figures show that companies can greatly benefit from using MS Excel as the amount of time spent on collating data is significantly reduced.

Training courses that provide further information on the benefits of using the programme are a useful way to gain more insight into this useful software that can help you modernise your business.