Microsoft Access - what's that? Most people know that Microsoft Access is a database program, but aren't quite sure exactly how it can fit into their business. Microsoft Access is a powerful database program, but like all Microsoft Office products, straight-forward enough for those who aren't programmers or database administrators. This means that with a few sessions of Microsoft Access training for employees, businesses can start warehousing their disjointed data into smart databases and use Access to return that data in new and often eye-opening ways.

How businesses benefit from using Microsoft Access
During the industrial era, products and machinery were at the heart of a business. Today, data is the most valuable property that any business owns. For example, let's consider a flower delivery company's customer and order information. With so many other businesses delivering flowers, it is truly this company's data -and the way that they use it- that can take their business to the next level.

Assume for a moment that the boss sends 3 staff members to Microsoft Access training courses where they learn how to build a relational database. The databases they learn to build allow them to put critical information side by side with other types of data they never thought relevant before. Now they can suddenly see that 60% of their overall customers become repeat customers, but 100% of those who ordered arrangement C never ordered another arrangement!

After a little investigation, they learned that the flowers in arrangement C had a short lifespan and almost always wilted the day after arriving. Customers weren't telling them, but their data was! The company just never had a way to see the data, though it was right in front of them, until the boss sent her team on Microsoft Access training.

Don't you need experience before starting Microsoft Access training?
The word "database" tends to make people shiver with fear, and many people assume that you must need to be some sort of techno-geek long before enrolling in Microsoft Access training. Not so! Microsoft Access training is broken into 4 distinct level of expertise, beginning at the introduction level.

In the introductory level of Microsoft Access training, you'll be introduced to the basic concepts of the database structure, and understand why databases are such a powerful way to store and retrieve information. At the advanced and VBA levels of training, whole processes can be automated down to a few simple clicks.

Learning how to interpret your data through Microsoft Access training can reveal things about your businesses that you may have never seen before, even though they were there the entire time! What major pitfalls in your business does your data reveal? What kind of business success does your data point to that you could be capitalizing on more? Not only will Microsoft Access training provide you with the tools you need to organize and manage your data, but also new ways of comparing that data that could have a big impact on the way you do business.