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Hints and tips by Martin

Move to edge of data blockExcel10 Oct 2011
Inserting Task Durations QuicklyMS Project10 Oct 2011
Giving Someone a Gantt Chart SnapshotMS Project10 Oct 2011
Compare Work and DurationMS Project10 Oct 2011
Avoid Accidental ConstraintsMS Project10 Oct 2011
Typing Links Between TasksMS Project10 Oct 2011
Switching Between ApplicationsMicrosoft Office10 Oct 2011
Multiple Lines of Text in a CellExcel10 Oct 2011
Switching Between SpreadsheetsExcel10 Oct 2011
Screen Splitters in ExcelExcel10 Oct 2011
Move or Highlight CellsExcel10 Oct 2011
Jumping Across the Excel ScreenExcel10 Oct 2011
Jumping Between Sheets in a BookExcel10 Oct 2011
Quick Absolute Cell ReferencesExcel10 Oct 2011
Enter formulae into multiple cellsExcel10 Oct 2011
Keyboard Shortcuts to Add Rows or ColumnsExcel10 Oct 2011
Standard Function KeysMicrosoft Office10 Oct 2011
Standard Ctrl KeysMicrosoft Office10 Oct 2011
Copying From WebsitesMicrosoft Office10 Oct 2011
Blank The Screen During a PresentationPowerPoint10 Oct 2011
Doodling on your active slidesPowerPoint10 Oct 2011
Running a Show from the KeyboardPowerPoint10 Oct 2011
Adding Shortcuts to the DesktopWindows10 Oct 2011
Setting To Do ListsManagement Training10 Oct 2011
Task List or To Do ListManagement Training10 Oct 2011
Fine Tuning For DrawingsWindows10 Oct 2011
Fine Tuning for AutoShapesMicrosoft Office10 Oct 2011
Quick Editing in WordWord10 Oct 2011
Quick Movements in WordWord10 Oct 2011
Double Spaced Text and othersWord10 Oct 2011

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