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Filtering/returning most recent record

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Filtering/returning most recent record

If I run a list of employees and salary history, some will have multiple rows and some will have just one or two. Is it possible to return just the most recent two quickly rather than having to do it manually?

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RE: Filtering/returning most recent record

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for the interesting and challenging forum question.

You cannot filter by your conditions but you can use functions.

Please find attached file. The source is in the table tool and the table is named tblEmployees.

Please find my explanations top to the right in the Excel file.

Kind regards

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last two records.xlsx


Excel tip:

Using Excel's MODE function

Use Excel's MODE function to display the most common value present in a particular range of cells.

The Mode function looks like this:

=MODE(cell range)

As an example, if 35 is the most commonly recurring number in a particular cell range, then the function will display 35.

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