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Enquiry on what course is most suitable for me, in context of my

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Enquiry on what course is most suitable for me, in context of my


I have recently completed the Intermediate excel training and am looking to complete further training as the intermediate course did not cover all of the functionality that I need to use in excel.

I am not sure which course is next to do best in context of my role.

In my role I primarily focus on data validation. This involves looking at different excels with customer data and cleaning it, analysing whether it meets my companies data requirements.

Once we have the data inputed we have to analyse the data and create reports. This involves pulling different metrics from various data sets, combining different data sets, looking for outliers.

We often have to compare very similar datasets and either combine these or look for discrepancies between them and clean the data and sometimes consolidate data sets.

We are not looking to visualise the data, so not focused on charts/graphs etc.

We do a lot of this work manually at the moment and it feels very tedious and long and I am sure that there must be easier ways to do this that will also prevent human error.

Let me know what you think!

Many thanks,

RE: Enquiry on what course is most suitable for me, in context o

Hi Bethan,

Thankyou for your question to the forum.

STL training provide numerous technical courses about data manipulation to better understand the data. I would suggest you look into 2 specific programs - both accessible through Excel - to meet your requirements. They are:

1. Power Query - a 1 day course that covers a whole range of data transformation techniques geared towards working more automated and less manual. The course syllabus is via the link below:


2. Power Pivot - a 2 day course which covers working with multiple data sources, creating data models and summarising the data using pivot tables amongst other things. The course syllabus is as follows:


Pre-requisites for attending these courses would be a sound knowledge of advanced features in Excel eg. Lookup functions, Pivot Tables and nested functions. If you have these skills already, then you would be at the right level for these 2 courses. Otherwise you may want to consider looking at doing our Excel Advanced course first - which covers these topics

If you need any more information about other relevant Excel courses, please take a look at our website (https://www.stl-training.co.uk)

I hope this answers your question and puts you on the correct path

Kind regards
Martin Sutherland
IT Trainer

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