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Powerpoint Presenter View

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Powerpoint Presenter View

How do you share main slides only with an audience but be able to see the notes pages as a presenter (without sharing this with the audience)?

RE: Powerpoint Presenter View

Hi Tracy,
What you want is actually called Presenter View.
If you have a second screen attached and run your slideshow then you get the presented slides on one monitor and presenter view on the other.
You can also force PPoint to show in Presenter View if you want to practice without having a second screen attached - shortcut is Alt + F5.
What you see in presenter view is the main slide top left, and the next slide or next animation action in top right and notes in bottom right.
Bottom left also allows you to choose the next slide out of order.
Hope this helps.

RE: Powerpoint Presenter View

Thanks Claire. So using one monitor I can share main slide only to audience but see notes and next slide as presenter?

RE: Powerpoint Presenter View

Using one monitor you get to see one thing or the other. It depends where you audience is.
In person:
if you are both looking at the same screen then you both see the same things
Sharing via virtual application (Zoom, Teams etc)
You choose which window you share. Practice this before you do it for real as it is fiddly and not easy to do for the first time with an audience.
When you run your slide show using Alt + F5 you will have three powerpoint windows open: the slide file, the slide show and the presenter view. Make sure you share the slide show.

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