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Multiple vlookups with 1 answer

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Multiple vlookups with 1 answer

Wondering if it is actually possible to do what im trying, essentially i have 2 sheets and i want the answer from sheet 2 to appear in sheet 1 but based on 2 cells matching.
e.g.if sheet1 cell a1 matches sheet2 cell a1, and sheet1 cell a2 matches sheet2 cell a2, then it pulls cell a4 from sheet2 to sheet1?

I have tried to do multiple vlookups but i don't want 2 answers, and i cant get an if to pull the right answer.

Hoping someone can help!

RE: Multiple vlookups with 1 answer

Hi Tamsin,

I'm not sure I understand the problem, BUT if I have got the right end of the stick I would do it with an IF and AND. The formula is in sheet 1 A4.

=IF(AND(Sheet1!A1=Sheet2!A1, Sheet1!A2=Sheet2!A2), Sheet2!A4, 0)

Does this help?

If not please let me know a bit more about the problem.


RE: Multiple vlookups with 1 answer

Hi Claire,

Thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately the formula you have given doesn't work. I'm not sure if what I'm trying to achieve is possible as the data is text but could I share with you an example spreadsheet?


RE: Multiple vlookups with 1 answer

Hi Tamsin,

I tested the examples with numbers...

If it's text then you need to watch for spaces - use TRIM function to get rid of leading or trailing spaces.

I've just run this quickly and this does appear to work.

Let me know how you get on.


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