word macros excel

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Word macros excel

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Word macros excel


I have recently started a new project that involves preparation of financial statements/accounts using a Word template file. The word file has embedded macros that I need to run in order to import the information from Excel tables.

The files are under Microsoft 2016.
I have no experience in VBA/macros etc , but I can say for sure that something is not right as these files are terribly slow to open and operate, crashing every so often, if I manage to open them.

What should be a starting point for me to understand the issue and resolve/ speed up the process ?
Thank you in advance

RE: word macros excel

Hi Gabriela,

Thank you for the forum question.

It as a very difficult question to answer because the complexity of VBA.

It can be wrong memory management in the code. Non efficient use of loops in the code. Use of copy and paste in the code. It can be hundreds of different reasons.

You will need advanced level of VBA and experience of best practise writing VBA to analyse and optimise the code.

You will have to find the lines in the code which makes the file to crash and add timers to the code to find the lines which are time consuming.

Kind regards

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