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I'm trying to use MATCH in a VLOOKUP where I'm looking from one sheet to another and need to drag the formula across and also down the list. So for example:

I have 6 columns of data that I need to look up to in "sheet 6" to populate in "sheet 1", each matching the heading of the sheet I want to do the VLOOKUP in (cells E2:J2). There is data underneath all of the headers in "sheet 6" that I need to pull into "sheet 1".

I need to lookup against a store number which are listed in column C of both reports

I am getting some data through in sheet 1 but it looks like it's just pulling the store number from column C in sheet 6, not the data underneath the headed column.


Hi Laura

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I think this may be a problem related to using the correct absolute/mixed referencing

Could you perhaps send the files to info@stl-training.co.uk so we can get a better look at how you're using the information?

Kind regards
Wendy Canelas
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