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Excel VBA Beginner course

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Matt has attended:
Excel Intermediate course
Excel VBA Introduction course
Excel VBA Intermediate course

Excel VBA Beginner course

Could you send me the Exercises and handouts from the session please, I have misplaced mine. I attended back in November 2017
Many thanks

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RE: Excel VBA Beginner course

Hi Matt

The handouts you can download right now from the 'Resources' area of our website - just click Resources in the top right hand corner of your screen.

What date did you attend the training (unfortunately we can't see this from your forum post)? And which course do you need the files from?

Let us know and we'll do our best to send you a copy of the exercises.


Excel Trainer

RE: Excel VBA Beginner course

Hi Sarah,

I attended the Excel VBA Introduction course on the 20/11/17 I think.

Many thanks


RE: Excel VBA Beginner course

Hi Matt

I've double checked which trainer you had that day (I think it was perhaps actually the 22nd November) and sent them a message requesting to forward the files on to you.

Hopefully this will be in the next day or so, but I know he is training both today and tomorrow so might not get a chance.

Please let me know on here if you haven't received these by next week.


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