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Notes page

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PowerPoint Intermediate Advanced course

Notes page

The size of the text in the notes page is HUGE & I can't seem to change it?! Can you help?

RE: Notes page

Hi Jennifer

About the huge font size. Please can I check with you is it when you are in View, Notes Page? Or when typing notes at the bottom of the Normal slide view?

Best STL


PowerPoint tip:

Grouping objects

Sometimes you may want to move images, clipart, text boxes around your slide.

To effectively do this so they stay together you can group objects,

1)Highlight all the objects, by either dragging around the objects or holding down the CONTROL key and selecting the objects

2)Right clcik and select group.

No when you move one object the others will move with it.

You can remove the grouping by right clicking on the object and ungrouping.

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