creating functions

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Creating functions

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Creating functions


When using a function that already exists in excel a small list comes up below as you type out the function of what you need to put in next. E.g =max(number1,number2...)

I have created a function in vba which requires 4 variables to be entered. The function (and variables needed) is this: DecayCorrect(isotope, initAct, initdate, desiredate)

it is working fine and if you press the fx button in order to get it up you then select each variable in turn and you can see the name of the variable you need. However if you click in a cell and type in the name of the function and an open bracket it does not provide the list as it does for pre-existing functions. Is it possible to get it to do this?


RE: Creating functions

Hi Ceri

Thanks for getting in touch. I've looked into this before; you would expect this to be a straightforward process.

Unfortunately this is extremely difficult to program, and even then not very consistent. I'll leave you a couple of links and you can decide if you think it's worth attempting:

Sorry it's not better news.

Kind regards

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