date validation

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Date Validation

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Date Validation

On data Vaildation how do you do a list, i can see the option list but not sure where to enter in.



RE: Date Validation

Hi Jay

Thanks for getting in touch. To use Lists in Data Validation, do the following:

First select the cells you want to restrict data entry to. On the Data menu select Data Validation, then List. In the List box either select the cells that contain the items you need, or type in a list separated by commas.

If you wanted validation in cells A2:A30, and you had a range of possible answers in cells H1:H3, you'd start be selecting cells A2:A30, then going to Data > Data Validation. Choose the List option and then select cells H1 to H3. Click OK and A2:A30 should now have drop-down lists in.

I hope this helps, please let us know if you require further details.

Kind regards

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RE: Date Validation

thanks very good


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