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Shortcuts in Excel

What are the best shortcuts to use in excel?

RE: shortcuts

Hi Alex

Thanks for your question.

Here are some of my favourites:

Ctrl Page Up, Ctrl Page Down moves between sheets

Ctrl + : enters the date (stays static)

Ctrl + Shift + : enters the time (stays static)

Ctrl and rolling the scroll wheel in the middle of the mouse zooms in and out of the spreadsheet

Alt + = enters the Sum function for you (instead of clicking autosum)

If you enter something into a cell and highlight a range, then press Ctrl + Enter the cell entry will be copied into the selected range.

Ctrl + End or Ctrl + Home to move to the end or beginning of a continuous range

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Excel tip:

Make a quick copy of a worksheet

Hold down the Ctrl key, then click and drag on a sheet tab to make a copy of that sheet. Though this process usefully copies the formats of the original sheet, note that any Range Names you have on the original sheet will be duplicated too.

To make a copy of a worksheet's contents and formats without duplicating range names: (1) Ensure that you have a blank worksheet to paste to. (2) On the sheet to copy, click on the sheet selection square to the left of Column A's heading to select the whole sheet. (2) Copy the whole sheet. (3) Paste to the blank worksheet.

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